| 08/04/2024 03:38 PM

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Large toilet paper roll holder wall-mounted in the bathroom is convenient, durable and beautiful

SHARED CORNER | 27/03/2024 08:59 AM

Choosing and using the right toilet paper holder in the bathroom is not only a convenient choice but also an important tool to maintain cleanliness and comfort in the personal hygiene space.

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Top 3 Most Popular Hand Sanitizers for Industry Today

SHARED CORNER | 25/03/2024 05:06 PM

Industrial hand sanitizer provides the most optimal effectiveness at low cost and fully meets the needs of businesses in terms of user safety.

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The Scrubber 50 Pro industrial cleaning robot won the 2023 CMS Purus Innovation Award ​

| 28/02/2024 10:27 AM

Scrubber 50 Pro has won the prestigious 2023 CMS Purus Innovation Award, with advanced deep learning capabilities that not only enhance cleaning performance

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The emergence of industrial cleaning robots in Vietnam – Capabilities and performance

SHARED CORNER | 26/02/2024 10:24 AM

Industrial Cleaning Robot appears for the first time in Vietnam with productivity and cleaning efficiency reaching new heights, innovative positioning system combines advanced sensor layout with technology-based algorithms Latest deep learning

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Free Experience Program: The First Industrial Cleaning Robot in Vietnam

ACTIVITIES NEWS | 25/01/2024 11:49 AM

With just 1 industrial cleaning robot, you can replace 1 cleaning worker, bringing unexpected cleaning results. Save costs and ensure high cleaning performance. Investment in a sustainable and smart future

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| 19/09/2023 04:36 PM

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IMPLEMENTATION NEWS | 15/09/2023 10:47 AM

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